About UME

UME brand story

UME brand story

Narek liked the film
“Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”

The story struck a chord,
and the UME idea was born

Narek Sirakanyan got the idea of creating the UME ecosystem during a friendly dinner. One of the guests, a zoopsychologist by profession, told him the real story of Hachi, a dog that waited for nine years for its deceased owner at the railway station.

The zoopsychologist informed him that one of the dog’s motivations could have been not its devotion to a human, but an instinct that leads animals to where they feel comfortable. Where there is food and care. Narek thought that everyone who has a pet might simply not be in a position to understand what their furry friends want at a given moment, what they’re feeling toward their owner and how to build a relationship with them.

On the other hand, billions of lonely people, were they to receive the opportunity to truly read the desires of their dogs and cats, could find themselves a real friend. One with whom they could literally be on the same wave.

That's how the UME brand appeared in Narek Sirakanyan's universe

UME products are based on high-tech and genuine requests from a huge audience.

Artificial intelligence based on the analysis of metadata about the behavior of animals is able to classify food preferences, reasons for changing moods, health status and many other factors. Humans get the chance to communicate with a close being, evoking true love and devotion in it.

Which means we can find each other. Because each one of us can live with the feeling of:

"I understand you,
 I'm just like you."