Supreme Organic Turkey with Ginseng, 400 g

Full-fledged sterilized wet food for adult dogs UME with entoprotein and white imperial ginseng



UME is a food with the addition of hypoallergenic insect protein and the root of white imperial ginseng aged at least 6 years, grown in the UNESCO Nature Reserve on the slope of Changbaishan Mountain. Specially developed balanced hypoallergenic food for adult dogs with protein assimilation problems, enriched with ginseng root, which helps prolong the life of your pet:

  • stimulating the immune system,
  • improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system,
  • increasing endurance and stress resistance,
  • promoting active longevity.
Ingredients Quantity, % in 100 g of the product
Turkey meat and meat by-products 83.00%
Protein concentrate from black soldier fly larvae 4.00%
Ginseng 2.00%
Yucca schidigera extract 0.10%
Pea flour 5.00%
Brewer's yeast 0.50%
Mineral and vitamin complex 0.80%
Water 4.60%
Nutritional supplements in 100 g of the product
Vitamin A 2370 IU
Vitamin D 12,8 IU
Vitamin E 3,3 mg
Thiamine (B1) 0,1 mg
Vitamin B12 1,5 mcg
Vitamin C 2,6 mg
Biotin 9,6 mcg
Sodium 147 mg
Zinc 0,3 mg
Copper 0,8 mg
Nutrional value in 100 g of the product
Protein 9,5 g
Fat 4 g
Phosphorus 0,18 g
Calcium 0,25 g
Raw ash 1,2 g
Humudity 84%
Fibers 0,25 g
Dog weight (kg)12345678910<
Daily value in g**35455565758595105115125